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Rutgers University's Student Run Finance Organization


We focus on placing students in "front-office" positions (Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Research and Investment Management) at leading firms on Wall Street.

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We host a wide range of educational and networking activities throughout the academic year, giving students opportunities to obtain and succeed at interviews. Our meetings and workshops are specifically designed to prepare our members for the rigorous Wall Street interview process. In any given year, the overwhelming majority of Rutgers students who receive summer internship or full time job offers in front-office positions are active LIBOR members.

Executive Board

The Bender Trust Project

The Bender Trust Research Project introduces students to the basics of investment analysis. After a series of training workshops hosted by LIBOR, students formulate and present an equity research report to Greg Francfort, a portfolio manager at Neuberger Berman. Francfort ultimately reviews the student recommendations for the Bender Trust, which was created by David T. Bender for the benefit of student-athletes.


The LIBOR Financial

We are a periodic newsletter written by a selected team of LIBOR members that recaps recent global macro events, the equity, fixed income, commodity and currency markets, and recent M&A and IPO deals. The newsletter also caters to alumni on the Street with special updates on LIBOR events and speakers. Overall, the goal is to develop writers’ opinions on meaningful trends in the financial markets as well as keep members current on the latest news.

Chris Kapasakis | Editor-in-Chief

Ari Badami
Nikhil Jain

Amit Nitin
Anna Atkuru

Winston Shaw
Jasmer Sethi

U.S. Economics   
Ashton Welles
Pari Pandey

Other Developed Economies
Andrew Edsoren
Christine Botvinnik

Emerging Markets
Maitreyi Sapre
Andes Lee

Past Executive Boards

2017-2018 E-Board    
Co-President: Sierra Denesevich
Co-President: Ryan Zinsky
Vice President: Marion Miller
Treasurer: Misha Nehring
Director of Communications: Brittany Burns
Director of Alumni Relations: Simmi Sharma

Portfolio Manager, SMF: Karn Dala
Portfolio Manager, SMF: Joseph Acoury
Director of Bender Trust: Paul Chamesian
Editor in Chief, LIBOR Financial: Chris Kapasakis

Director of Marketing: Tanvi Parikh

2016-2017 E-Board    
Co-President: Lauren Kelly
Co-President: Michael Dirla
Treasurer: Charles Liu
Secretary: Kathy Ye
Director of Alumni Relations: Ravi Shah
Portfolio Manager, SMF: Andrew Lee
Portfolio Manager, SMF: Karn Dalal
Director of Bender Trust: Sierra Denesevich
Editor in Chief, LIBOR Financial: Marion Miller

2015-2016 E-Board    
Co-President: Nishant Gidvani
Co-President: Vikram Kesavabhotla
Treasurer: Ankit Shah
Secretary: Lauren Kelly
Director of Alumni Relations: Michael Dirla
Portfolio Manager, SMF: Andrew Lee

Portfolio Manager, SMF: Saikiran Chilukamari
Director of Bender Trust: Jvalant Desai


2014-2015 E-Board    
Co-President: Ashish Penematcha
Co-President: Jason Seo
Treasurer: Yash Nehete
Secretary: Yuliya Prots
Director of Alumni Relations: Vikram Kesavabhotla
Portfolio Manager, SMF: Anay Khanapure

Portfolio Manager, SMF: Saikiran Chilukamari
Director of Bender Trust: Nishant Gidvani

2013-2014 E-Board    
Co-President: Eric Lang
Co-President: Evan Lee
Treasurer: Matthew Mednick
Secretary: Oscar Lee
Director of Alumni Relations: Saajan Doshi
Director of SMF: Ankith Polavarapu
Director of Bender Trust: Jason Seo

2012-2013 E-Board    
President: Steven Cao
Vice President: Jessica Weldon
Treasurer: Francis Perez
Secretary: Noam Schwartz
Director of Alumni Relations: Sabina Rza
Director of Investments: Brian Silva
Director of Research: Eric Lang
Director of Bender Trust: Evan Lee
Director of Media & Publications: Matthew Mednick

2011-2012 E-Board    
Co-President: Alex Santos
Co-President: Rodrigo Polezel
Treasurer: Larissa Sanchez
Secretary: Pete Gallagher
Director of Alumni Relations: Ceida Polezel
Director of Investments: Nikhil Nichani
Director of Sales and Trading: Zach Gao
Co-Director of Bender Trust: Andrej Mikic
Co-Director of Bender Trust: Steve Cao
Director of Media & Publications: Francis Perez

2010-2011 E-Board    
President: Parag Rohan Jain
Vice President: William Kelly
Treasurer: Russell Miller
Secretary: Carla Zerriny
Director of Alumni Relations: Ceida Polezel
Director of Sales and Trading: Rodrigo Polezel
Director of Bender Trust: Alex Santos

2009-2010 E-Board    
President: Joe Catalano
Vice President: Leon Vayntraub
Treasurer: Vitaliy Patsay
Secretary: Brian Rindenau
Director of Alumni Relations: Arjun Misra

2008-2009 E-Board    
President: Steve Catera
Vice President: Elise Polezel
Treasurer: Raj Pandya
Secretary: Taylor Gillan
Technical Chair: Roman Gorbach

2007-2008 E-Board    
President: Benjamin Schmid
VP: Jorge Barreiro

2006-2007 E-Board    
President: Timothy Shaw
James Williamson
Ishank Shah
Elina Ploskin
Geetika Arora

2005-2006 E-Board    
President: Puneet Sondhi
Geoff Dolan
Brian Yuen
Mariya Aleksandrova
Kishin Mahtani

2004-2005 E-Board    
President: Neil Motwani
Srin Subra
Divya Mehta
Joseph Braha

2003-2004 E-Board    
President: Deepak Kandaswamy
VP: David Shamis

1999-2000 E-Board    
President: Alden Mahabir

1996-1997 E-Board    
President: Ian Lynch
Vice President: Chris Schaeffer
Treasurer: Max Carratura
Secretary: Michele Mauer

1995-1996 E-Board    
President: Ragnar Meitern

1994-1995 E-Board    
President: John Burns

1992-1993 E-Board    
Founders: Brian Neer & Michael Perkons

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