The LIBOR Financial

We are a periodic newsletter written by a selected team of LIBOR members that recaps recent global macro events, the equity, fixed income, commodity and currency markets, and recent M&A and IPO deals. The newsletter also caters to alumni on the Street with special updates on LIBOR events and speakers. Overall, the goal is to develop writers’ opinions on meaningful trends in the financial markets as well as keep members current on the latest news.

Chris Kapasakis | Editor-in-Chief

Ari Badami
Nikhil Jain

Amit Nitin
Anna Atkuru

Winston Shaw
Jasmer Sethi

U.S. Economics   
Ashton Welles
Pari Pandey

Other Developed Economies
Andrew Edsoren
Christine Botvinnik

Emerging Markets
Maitreyi Sapre
Andes Lee